Thoughts from the Heart: Personal Essays

Finding wisdom in Mi Shebeirach, the Jewish prayer for healing.
Arizona Jewish Post. (April 2020)

Addressing gender inequity in Israel Studies.
Fresh Ideas from HBI: the HBI Blog. (December, 2019)

Fighting the same fights as our feminist mothers: some thoughts on sexual harassment and academic careers.
Fresh Ideas from HBI: the HBI Blog. (August, 2018)

On Yizkor, realizing that if ‘life is with people’ in Judaism, death is too.
Arizona Jewish Post. (May, 2018)

What survey data don’t tell you – reflections on Young Judaea.
The Forward.com. (October, 2017) 

It takes a community to say kaddish, especially as a woman.
Fresh Ideas from HBI: the HBI Blog. (August, 2017)

What Judaism teaches us about loss and grief.
The Forward.com. (May, 2017)

Chanukah on Christmas Avenue: Raising a Jewish Family in Winterhaven.
Arizona Jewish Post (November, 2010)

Avelut: A Year of Mourning for a Friend
The Forum, Association for Death Education and Counseling (July, 2000)

Intellectual Explorations: Academic Articles

Saying kaddish: Meaning-making and continuing bonds in American Jewish mourning ritual.
Death Studies (2021)

Multiple Judaisms and mosaic selves: an ethnographic exploration of liberal American Jews.
Culture and Religion. (2017)

“I’ll say a Mi Sheberach for you”: Prayer, healing and identity among liberal American Jews.
Contemporary Jewry. (2016)

To believe or not to believe, that is not the question: the complexity of Jewish beliefs about God.
Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. (2016).

Hoping, praying, gathering data: studying healing when loved ones are ill. 
Arizona Anthropologist. (Spring 2016)

A Public Health Perspective on the Religion-Health Connection. 
Monograph published by the National Center for Jewish Healing. (2005)