ConsultingIn my consulting work, I use the tools of qualitative social science – critical thinking, data gathering, and clear writing – to help organizations, innovators, and scholars tell the stories of the work you’re doing.

Do you want to document the impacts your program is having, identify areas for improvement, or explore which strategies will most resonate with your target audience? I do applied research to help you with evaluation, assessment, and planning.

Do you need help crafting grant proposals, reports, or background papers that compellingly describe your work, its importance, and its impact? I can write and edit your documents to ensure that you successfully spark the interest of those who care about your work, and meet their written requirements.

Are you writing a book or article, and want help fine-tuning your word choices, checking your grammar and spelling, or defining the flow of your argument? I can help with developmental and copy editing to help you achieve clarity of language, content, and structure.

Contact me and let’s have a conversation about what we can accomplish together.