48 Ways

Pirkei Avot 6:6 suggests that there are 48 ways to “acquire Torah.” It offers multiple starting points for thinking about our experiences, challenges, accomplishments, and wisdoms – and reminds us that all of these have a place in our learning, teaching, and living.

Each card in the Deck of 48 presents a question linked to one aspect of learning identified in Pirkei Avot, and invites participants to consider how that path to learning might resonate with them personally.

Use these cards to establish relationships and connections within a learning cohort or professional team, to catalyze self-reflection about your own journey and learning process, or to help connect students and educators with the content of a learning experience.

Just as every person contains multiple stories, these cards contain within them the seeds of multiple pedagogies and experiences. Use your imagination and have fun!


The 48 Ways card deck is currently in beta testing.

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Thanks for being part of this project!

The 48 Ways card deck was created through the Jewish Pedagogies Research Fellowship of M2: The Institute for Experiential Jewish Education. You can learn more here about the conceptual framework underlying the cards. 

Production of these cards has been made possible by support from The Covenant Foundation.